Wednesday, January 25, 2012

August 18, 2012 Reunion

President Jerry Mason announced today that a square dance band and caller, The Allegheny Mountainaires has been engaged to provide music for our traditional square dance after dinner. Their caller, Virginia Reed, studied at the John Campbell Folk School under Bob Dalsemer who received the Country Dance and Song Society's Lifetime Contribution Award.

Jerry also encourages all family members to start planning now to be there and to encourage you to remind your children, parents, sisters, brothers, everyone to BE THERE for this annual affair.

Keep checking back here for the latest news concerning our annual outing!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Minutes from 2010 Reunion


Our 102nd Annual Mason-Grugan Reunion was held on the third Saturday of August, as usual, with approximately 103 in attendance. It was a beautiful day.

Sue and Steve Dechant supplied coffee and donuts for the early arrivals. Thank you.

After Anson shared a blessing, we had dinner. We had a wonderful selection of great food which was enjoyed immensely.

After dinner, President Nancy Vojtasek conducted the annual meeting.

Bibi Parks gave the Secretary’s Report followed by the Treasurer’s Report by Martha Schalles. Our account shows a balance of $2,226.89. Both reports were approved as read.

The youngest present was Easton Johnson, 4 weeks. He is the son of Shannon and Simon Johnson.

The oldest gentleman present was Anson Mason at 92 years young.

The oldest lady present was Zelia Mason Jensen who is 94 years young.

The person/people that traveled the longest distance to come to the reunion was Jerry & Delia Mason. They traveled 1199 1/2 miles.

There was an election of President for the next three years. Phil Jensen was nominated and he declined. Kevin Summerson was nominated and he declined, then Jerry Mason was nominated and he accepted, and we accepted him. Thank you Jerry!

A discussion was held about tables for the reunion. We have been borrowing them from the First United Methodist Church of Emporium for a donation. This works fine but we need someone to commit to the transporting of them. Phil Jensen and Bob Stem returned them this year and volunteered to pick up and return next year. Thank you so much! We could purchase some but then we would have a storing problem. So for now we will continue to borrow.

Mike and Kris Johnson were thanked for providing the Portable Toilet for our use.

We now have a new member of our family. Heidi Holjencin became the bride of Sam Johnson on July 3, 2010. Congratulations.

We had a few new attendees: Laurie Ratter from DuBois and her brother, Tim and a friend. They are related through the Isabelle Johnson Family.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bibiana Parks,


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Message from President Jerry Mason:

Dear family and friends of the Mason-Grugan Reunion,

With summer quickly approaching it is time to start planning to attend our annual REUNION on Saturday, August 20, 2011. It will be great to see all the faces we've missed the last 12 months!

We are in the process of planning activities for the big day. We'll have our standard food fest provided by all your stuffed picnic baskets at noontime. The morning hours can be spent pitching horseshoes and maybe Mark will lead another nature walk. In the afternoon plan on getting involved in children games, shooting contest, the ever popular hayride, and the 3 PM Business meeting.

At supper time we'll have hot dogs and corn if you can find someplace to put it. Square dancing in the evening is truly our heritage!

I want you all to make every effort to attend and bring a family member we haven't seen recently.

Jerry Mason, President

Monday, August 30, 2010

September 30, 2010

We were blessed with another beautiful day for our annual get together last week. Thanks to all who worked to make the day enjoyable for all! Without tables, chairs, the job johnny, the coffee, the corn and hot dogs, the hayride, the band, the PA system, the grass cutting, the trash removal, the photos, and all the good food you brought we would have been just a bunch of folks standing around with nothing to do!

There are some very nice photographs on our photo bucket that Shawn and Flo Mason took. They were kind enough to offer family/group portraits. Shawn wants you to feel free to contact him at
if you would like the original file of the photo to have prints made. Thanks again, Shawn! Very nice work!

More to come in a couple weeks.....please check back, And add your photos to the photo's not too hard to do....I managed!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

102nd Mason-Grugan Reunion

Saturday, August 21st is just around the corner or so it seems! Now is the time for all of us to plan on being there! Call your mothers, brothers, cousins and children....get everybody to mark their calendars and plan to join with us for an interesting day at Mason Grove!

This annual get together of the Descendants of Joseph Mason and Margaret Grugan is a time to recreate, a time to get together with seldom seen family members and even to meet new ones, a time to share our history with the youngsters and an opportunity to honor our forefathers with talks of their lives and contributions.

Where else can you go on a nature walk, pitch horseshoes, play bingo, enjoy sack races, square dance, enjoy a buffet lunch and corn-on-the-cob and hot dogs cooked on an open fire in the evening? Plus, you get to spend the day and enjoy the festivities with your extended family!

For over a hundred years our ancestors have made the trek (whether from Sterling Run or from California, Washington State, Germany, Florida and a host of other spots) to reunite with family members for a day of fun and fellowship. There are more outside distractions to tempt us away from this family outing today than in earlier times so it is important for us to encourage all our kin to try to BE THERE!

There will be children's games and activities so make sure your younger family members come. They'll have fun and in a couple decades be bringing their kiddies to our beautiful reunion grounds under the hemlocks on Mason Hill!

We would encourage anyone with a portable folding table and folding chairs to bring them along with a favorite dish or two to share. Isn't it wonderful how with NO PLANNING we always seem to have enough food and a great mix of salads, casseroles, meats, desserts, etc.

Looking forward to seeing y'all real soon!

Nancy Vojtasek

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2009 Schedule

10 AM Horseshoe Tournamnet
11 AM Nature Walk
12 Noon LUNCH
games and fellowship
3 PM Business Meeting
5 PM Supper-leftovers PLUS Corn-on-the-cob and Hot dogs
6-10 PM Square dancing

The clock's ticking..........

Just a reminder that our annual August get together is rapidly approaching! Sally Uber confirms that she has lined up a square dance band and caller for August put your dancing shoes on!
Martha Schalles informed me that I mixed up the numbers in her street address. It is 543 Sterling Run Road. We're pretty sure the mailman would figure it out, but if you sent her a letter using the address in my last letter/email, please feel free to check with her that she received it. 814-546-2819 (Now that better be right as I just double checked it).
Come early.....stay late......have a great time!!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Here's an interesting message I received:


It's been a while since we chatted but I wanted to let you know that I created a group on Facebook for Descendants of Charles Grogan (Grugan) of Ireland & Pennsylvania. If you know of any descendants that use Facebook please pass this information on to them. They can then search for the group and request to join. It is a closed group for family members only meaning it is not open for the general public to view. I will be posting pictures, interesting links, family stories and more and I encourage others to do the same.

Also, on a different note, I recently had the Revolutionary War Service of Charles Grogan and his lineage approved by the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. This now qualifies all male descendants to become members if they wish and will greatly assist any female descendants that wish to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. I can be contacted for details.

Stay in touch and I look forward to the slight possibility of being able to attend the 2009 reunion!

Garry Grugan

105 Fawn Court

Washington, IL 61571

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 Mason Grugan Reunion

Yes, Folks, it’s almost that time again! Time to decide what salads, main dishes, desserts, etc to take to this year’s gathering of the Descendents of Joseph Mason and Margaret Grugan. Some folks can be counted on for making their old stand by that everybody loves, some are more adventurous and like to try out new recipes on us. However you choose to go about it, let’s begin now! Let’s plan to bring some lawn chairs and we really need some folding tables if you can squeeze one or two in the car. You might just need a sweater or sweat shirt as it often cools off in the evenings under those big old hemlock trees in Mason Grove.

We’ll be repeating last year’s expanded day with a horseshoe tournament getting underway around 10 am. We’ll have coffee and doughnuts to sustain you until lunch. At 11 am it’s a nature hike….but can we top last year’s when a snake decided to give birth right at the outset of our hike???

Our noon time meal will begin at 12 noon sharp. Please plan to arrive early enough so you aren’t rushed. The usual afternoon activities…children’s games, contests, guess the number, bingo, the hayride, etc will be underway and of course, the 3 pm Business meeting will give us a chance to learn “the state of the reunion”.

We neglected to have an election of officers last year, sorry, so this year we’ll need to elect our treasurer (Martha Schalles has, thankfully, been continuing to do this important job!) This year the office of secretary is up for election. Our incumbent secretary is Bibana Park.

We’ll eat leftovers and feast on hotdogs and roasted sweet corn at 5 pm so we have lots of energy to square dance and polka and whatever into the evening.

Please encourage all your family and friends to join us to keep this annual get together growing and to help us all renew our acquaintances and get to better know distant relatives- those that live a long way from Sterling Run and those on a different branch of the family tree!

Be sure to check out our web site:

As always, we need your support in two ways. Help us by being with us and spreading the word to all the relatives you see. And please help us financially. You probably know the maintenance needs never let up. We have a couple huge trees that need to be removed before a storm drops one of them on our new pavilion or coffee house. Hot dogs, corn and bands don’t grow on trees………your contributions make them happen. Checks made payable to Mason Reunion can be sent to Martha at: 534 Sterling Run Road, Driftwood, PA 15832-9413. I’ve been hearing from many of you that you’d like to see a bench around the inside of the pavilion like the old one had. If we can get a couple volunteers and a little money together that could happen in a weekend or two. We might not have to transport so many chairs for the day if some could be seated on the benches for lunch.

Speaking of transporting chairs and tables, Mike Johnson will be co-ordinating volunteers with trucks and strong backs to pick up and return what we need. If you can help, please do!

See you on August 15th!

Nancy Vojtasek

507 Vineyard Way, Poinciana, FL 34759

Friday, November 14, 2008

November 2008

With Fall Foliage blazing in Cameron County, Mason Grove is silently awaiting the return to spring, summer and the Mason/Grugan Reunion on AUGUST 15, 2009! Mark your calendars, plan your vacation, reserve your motel room or camp site, contact your relatives and let's all plan to make 101 bigger and better than the centennial event celebrated in August!

It was wonderful to see so many come early for the morning activities and stay late for the dancing and singing. We'll have even more activities on the agends for the coming year so plan now to make a longggggg day of it.

For those of you who may have missed the 3 pm meeting, the following are our Secretary Bibi Parks minutes:


After lots of hard work and planning by the officers the 100th Annual Mason-Grugan Reunion was held on Saturday, August 16, 2008, always the 3rd Saturday in August, with approximately 175 relatives and friends attending. Dinner was at noon.

Prior to dinner there was coffee and donuts with Steve and Sue Dechant in charge. Thanks. Also, there was a nature walk, led by Mark Johnson and Dan Johnson. This was a big hit because it started out with everyone seeing the birth of baby snakes. Eek. Then we saw and identified flowers, trees and listened to birds. Quite enjoyable. Then, led by Jerry Mason, there was a Rifle Shoot with 30 participants. Scott Mason won 1st place, Adam Mason 2nd place and Les Burlingame, Jr. 3rd place. All had a great time.

Mid Montegue, former local Minister, led us in prayer before dinner. Dinner, as usual, had everything imaginable to eat. There must have been 5 tables full of food. Nobody should have gone away hungry or without gaining a few pounds.

After visiting and reminiscing, Nancy Vojtasek, Co-President, opened the meeting at approximately 3:00 P.M. Nancy thanked the guys that gave us the new concrete floor, they put a lot of hard work into getting it ready, the First United Methodist Church for the use of tables and chairs, Kris Johnson for making Gibson Girl outfits, they were very nice and the young ladies looks just lovely.

The Secretaries report was read by Bibi Park. June Leonard made a motion to accept as read seconded by Kitty Reid. Motion approved.

The Treasurers Report was given by Martha Schalles. Ending balance in 2007 was $3,351.21 with $1,810.00 ($1,000. Was given by Ellen Snyder (in memory of Bill) being sent to Martha prior to this reunion plus interest of $32.78. Expenses for the floor were $3,723.62. Leaving us a balance of $1,470.38. Income for 08/16/08 was $905.17 and expenses were $573.74. Giving us a balance of $1,801.81.

Income was realized from a collection of $687.42, donuts $9.20, 50/50 (won by Keith Summerson who donated his share back) $93.00, Candy counts and Plate chances $19.00, Lollipops $9.00, Auction $31.50, Relish $12.50, Bingo $12.55, Rifle Shoot $31.00.

Expenses were Betsey Flite for games $51.42, First United Methodist Church for use of tables and chairs $25.00, Kathy Johnson – Corn $45.00, Band – The Country Express $370.00, Nancy & Tom V. for hot dogs, rolls, condiments, supplies and candy $82.32. Postage and table cover were donated.

Two big trees are in need of being removed before they fall down on the pavilion. We also would like benches built around the inside of pavilion for better seating arrangements.

Nancy also thanked Jessie Schalles for taking care of our Web Site and Billie Stone for being in charge of the shirts. Discussed the year that should be put on shirts, 1907 or 1908?

Awards were given as follows:
Newest Married – Terry and Jill Summerson
Longest Married – Madelyn and Anson Mason – 67 years
Person/persons with most children attending –

Kathy and Mark Johnson – 5
Don Summerson – 5
Most Grandchildren –

Madelyn and Anson Mason-6
Jerry and Delia Mason – 6
Most Great Grandchildren – Madelyn and Anson Mason – 10
Oldest Gentleman – Anson Mason –89
Oldest Lady – Dorothy Card – 97
Youngest Child – Tyra Davis – 5 months She received a red

sweat shirt with 100th on it.

Traveled Greatest Distance – Germany –
Eric, Carmen, Tatjana & Noah Jensen

Traveled Greatest Distance in U.S. –
Susie & Richard Harmon – California

All were given certificates.

Mike Johnson, Co-President, thanked Glenda Card for all of her hard work on Genealogy.

Meeting adjourned.

John Mason took approximately 52 people on an enjoyable hay ride. Betsey Flite did games for the kids. They had bingo and Nancy did an auction. Plus different guessing games were provided by various folks and added to the fun and profit....thanks! There was a 50/50 won by Keith Summerson who gave his winnings back to Reunion. Thanks Keith. Some of the men pitched horse shoes.

We had corn on the cob and hot dogs cooked over an open fire for supper. Thanks to Mark and Phil for roasting our supper!

The new floor was cleared off and the band, the Country Express, thanks to Sally Novosat , played for dancing. We finally had square dancing again. It was so nice to see the younger people plus some of the not so young out square dancing. The music was great. Anson sang a song and then sang with his Granddaughter. Also, the band played music for other dancing. I left at 9:00 P.M. but I understand quite a few sat around the fire with Phil Jensen and Gene Card playing guitars and people singing.Johnson, Eric and Philip Jensen, Simeon and Sam Johnson and Steve Summerson.

Thanks Nancy and Mike for the wonderful job you did in organizing the 100th Reunion

Thanks also to the fellows who transported the tables and chairs. Namely, Mike and Dan


Our thanks to Bibi for providing an excellent account of the day! While many were thanked for their efforts, I'm sure just as many were missed and we do apologize and thank each of you who came, supported, worked, talked about or just wished us well.

Please do encourage all family to try to join us for our 2009 Reunion and talk it up at Thanksgiving and over the Christmas Holidays.

If you want to make suggestions and/or volunteer to do anything, feel free to email me at We want and need feedback if we are to provide the kind of get together you want to attend!